The ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF) is a movement that represents and fights for the young people in ASEAN to voice out their concerns and strategies for ways to achieve a better ASEAN. AYF has been a platform of the youth in the ASEAN to raise their voice and claim for their rights for a sustainable, inclusive, people-centered, and youth-driven regional community. The network aims to institutionalise and establish its national chapters to focus the engagement on important and timely local issues affecting the youth, and consolidate policy proposal and agenda to put forward to the relevant ASEAN offices.

AYF held an annual and regular solidarity meeting of youth civil society organisations in Southeast Asia, which is held as a parallel meeting to the ASEAN People’s Forum (APF)/ASEAN Civil Society Conference (ACSC), ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Youth and ASEAN Summit. It is a strategic avenue to engage with ASEAN member states and mechanisms. It is also a venue to discuss the issues and concerns of young people in ASEAN and how to address them.

AYF has been working at the local, national and regional level. In the last ten years, AYF has been organised in Thailand (2009), Vietnam (2010), Indonesia (2011), Cambodia (2012), Brunei Darussalam (2013), Myanmar (2014), Malaysia (2015), Cambodia (2016), and Philippines (2017). It has already involved more than 2000 young leaders of Southeast Asia.

ASEAN Youth Forum 2019

Localisation of ASEAN Youth Development Index
“Linking ASEAN to the Young People on the Ground”
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
27 – 29 June 2019

The objectives of the ASEAN Youth Forum 2019 are as follow:

  1. To develop solidarity amongst ASEAN youth.
  2. To increase knowledge about ASEAN.
  3. To have ASEAN Youth Development Index translated in local context.
  4. To enable ASEAN youth participation in regional process.

ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF) 2019 will enable the participants to share challenges they face in their origin country as well provide recommendations to support each other struggles. Furthermore, the participants, on behalf of the youth in ASEAN could find their ways to be part of and contribute to ASEAN’s Development Goals, as well as the adaptation of Youth Development Index to meet the needs of each ASEAN’s country language, culture, and desired population by answering the question on relevancy of ASEAN to Young People and vice versa.

The activity will be held for 3 days with involvement of 5 representatives from each ASEAN countries with additional participants from Timor-Leste. There will be series of discussion and exciting activities for participants. Through discussion, AYF will provide a space for participants to share their obstacles as well to learn from each other. Whilst through activities, participants will be given opportunity to build networking among themselves to later disseminate the outcome of the forum.