ASEAN Youth Forum has been actively involved and engaged in several ASEAN mechanisms and activities. Here are the highlights of the engagements:

  • Presented its plans and aspirations at the Prep-SOM for AMMY X on 18 July 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Contributed to plans and strategies on ways to conduct data collection for the Second Phase of the ASEAN Youth Development Index (attach link) in cooperation with the Education, Youth and Sports Division of the ASEAN Secretariat.

  • Participated at ASEAN Education Youth and Sports Division at the ASEAN Youth Gathering and ASEAN JENESYS Mini-Reunion on 19 December 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Some members of the ASEAN Youth Forum were invited and had participated at the 3rd S. Rajaratnam Endowment—ASEAN Community Forum of the ASEAN Foundation on March 2018 in Singapore.