When and Where ASEAN Youth Forum will be held?

ASEAN Youth Forum 2019 will be held on 27-30 June 2019 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I am a former delegate in the past ASEAN Youth Forum, am I eligible to apply?

As former delegate of previous AYF, you are still eligible to apply for the ASEAN Youth Forum 2019. You may submit your application via our official website

I was suppose to attach my resume within the online form, but I couldn’t find the option anymore. May I know where I can send it?

As we decided to remove the requirement, you are no longer required to submit your cv/resume within your application.

How to get scholarship in joining ASEAN Youth Forum?

ASEAN Youth Forum 2019 applies zero registration fee policy. The participants are automatically entitled to receive the scholarship. The type of scholarships shall be grated to participants according to the requirements described. The final decision will be decided by the AYF 2019 core team. ASEAN Youth Forum 2019 provides partial to full scholarships to all the selected participants with details as follow:

  1. Full scholarship shall covers accommodation (4 days, 4 nights), meals and return flight ticket from within ASEAN region + Timor-Leste.
  2. Partial scholarship shall covers accomodation (4 days, 4 nights) and meals only.
Special note:
  • Accomodation will be provided for 4 days and 4 nights from 26-30 June 2019.
  • Meals will be provided which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee break during 4-days of stay (details to be announced soon).
  • Flight tickets will be provided from within ASEAN region + Timor-Leste. Selected participants who are currently reside outside the region are obliged to provide their own return flights to one of major airport hubs in the region.
  • Support will be provided in terms of invitation and visa letters (if necessary) to enable your travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  • Any personal expenses and extended days of stay shall not be covered by the scholarship.

Do I need to have a passport to apply?

Participants from ASEAN countries + Timor-Leste, except Indonesia, are required to possess a passport in order to travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Participants are also advised to purchase travel and medical insurance prior travelling to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Participants will personally assume full responsibility for any mishap related to travel issues. Participants from other ASEAN countries + Timor-Leste who do not possess a passport shall bear any fees related to their passport application.

I don’t get the full scholarship and I don’t the capacity to provide for my expenses.What should I do?

If flight travel is a problem, we encourage you to apply for a sponsorship such as from NGO, LSU, Foundations, etc. Once you receive the official invitation and programme, you may use it as a documentation proof for your target sponsors.

I am originally from one of the ASEAN countries + Timor-Leste. However, I am currently doing my education outside the region. Am I still eligible to apply the ASEAN Youth Forum 2019?

You are eligible submit your registration for ASEAN Youth Forum 2019 if you’re:

  1. Young people with at least one of ASEAN + Timor-Leste citizenships or permanent residencies.
  2. Young people with dual citizenship with at least one of ASEAN + Timor-Leste citizenships.
  3. ASEAN + Timor-Leste citizens who are currently studying and working within and outside ASEAN region + Timor-Leste.

When is the announcement of the registration results?

We will announce the result of selected participants on our official website and social media accounts by the end of April 2019. Please be advised that only shortlisted applicants will be notified by ASEAN Youth Forum team.

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