Myanmar’s Youth After the Coup, A Primer

Welcome to the Primer of Myanmar’s Youth After the Coup, the outcome publication of “Understanding the Situation of Myanmar Youth in the Context of Military Crisis” research activity. Since the coup emerged in Myanmar in 2021, AYF has been focusing our work on the current humanitarian crisis experienced by young people in Myanmar. Myanmar's youth have been at the forefront of protests and civil disobedience, using social media to mobilize and organize mass movements against the military government. With their energy, creativity, and determination, young people have been able to keep the momentum going and amplify their demands for an end to military rule. They have also been a critical voice in advocating for human rights and justice, shedding light on the atrocities committed by the military regime. We found stories from youth have not been captured holistically in the mainstream discourses. Therefore, we initiate to facilitate youth in Myanmar to tell their struggle and resistance in the research titled “Myanmar’s Youth After the Coup, A Primer”.

In line with its mission to increase youth participation, the AYF announced the launching of the research on . These primer launches are expected to be an effective platform for knowledge sharing and awareness raising for the wider stakeholders and counterparts. Furthermore, we expect that this event can generate an eye-opening recommendation that can be used for the relevant counterparts in proposing policy responses to the Myanmar Crisis.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the hard work of the team who make this primer successfully launched.  Ryan and Iqbal, who are the part of research team and have been working for months in ensuring the research run smoothly. We also extend our appreciation to Amanda, the primer designer, for their creative contribution. Without their hard work and high enthusiasm, we would never be possible to reach this pace.

To give you more understanding on the situation and challenges faced by youth in Myanmar, please kindly find the downloadable link below to get the copy of our primer for you. We believe that it can be our strong effort toward the military crisis in Myanmar. Please make a good use of this primer and spread this research widely as our solidarity to help our family, friend, and colleagues in Myanmar and those who forced to flee abroad to safe themselves.


In Solidarity

Astried and Aliyah

Advocacy Division

ASEAN Youth Forum


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