List of available opportunities for youth in the region to contribute more to Southeast Asia community and develop soft skills through ASEAN Youth Forum.

  1. Youth Festival Organizing Committee
  2. AYF Special Rapporteurs



Deadline for application: June 25, 2020

Title: Youth Festival Organizing Committee

Opening: 1 (one) Chief Coordinator, 1 (one) Program Coordinator, and 1 (one) Partnership Coordinator

Start Date: July 2020

End Date: August 2020

See terms of reference and application guidelines


ASEAN Youth Forum has been bringing youth in Southeast Asia together to do something great in the region. Currently, AYF Secretariat is looking for 3 (three) self-driven and enthusiastic individuals  that would coordinate closely with the AYF secretariat to organize the biggest, empowering, and impactful online youth festival in Southeast Asia this year for International Youth Day.

The Festival is envisioned to be where Youth in Southeast Asia could

  1. Meet and connect with each other
  2. Learn more about each countries in Southeast Asia
  3. Learn more about social issues in the region
  4. Hone their advocacy skills, activism, and other important skills
  5. Share their personal views regarding any relevant topics
  6. Discuss how to move together as a community
  7. Connect with important figures and institutions, such as decision makers, outstanding individuals and activists, regional caucuses and organizations
  8. Enjoy being a part of a youth movement and euphoria in Southeast Asia

full information here.



Deadline for application: June 27, 2020

Title: AYF Special Rapporteur

Slots: 2 Special Rapporteurs for each country

Countries: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam

Start Date: July 2020

End Date: December 2020

See terms of reference and application guidelines

ASEAN Youth Forum is a movement that represents and fights for the young people in ASEAN to voice out their concerns and strategies for ways to achieve a better Southeast Asia community. AYF has been a platform of the youth in the region to raise their voice since 2009 and claim for their rights for a sustainable, inclusive, people-centered, and youth-driven regional community. Currently, ASEAN Youth Forum are looking for 22 amazing young individuals in Southeast Asia for the roles of AYF Special Rapporteur. 

A Special Rapporteur is an individual that would represent their country and report to the AYF Secretariat the ongoing situations regarding human rights, justice, freedom, and democracy in their respected country. AYF Special Rapporteurs will be working together and closely with the AYF Secretariat to map out issues at local, national, and regional level.

full information here.