SEAYouth Festival Publication

The publication highlighted the sessions of the Festival which are designed to identify the underlying issues and recommendations for each of the topics that became the foundation for drafting the Youth Collective Statement. It also highlights other sessions that are designed for networking, showcasing artworks, and highlighting youth activism. 

As an organization that functions as a forum for young people to convey their concerns and perspectives, AYF has been a constant champion of creating an atmosphere of a safe space for young people, so that they have a chance to interact and mobilize their activism. With the back-to-back effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Myanmar military coup crisis, supporting young people to mobilize themselves was critical in building regional solidarity.

The SEAYouth Festival became the venue in which youth activism and advocacy are supported and elevated. Thus, as part of the organization’s efforts to ensure that the spirit and knowledge received from the 2021 Festival are intact, the publication of the 2021 SEAYouth Festival was created. 

SEAYouth Festival 2021

SEAYouth Publication copy

Staff Coordinator : Fatimah Zahrah

Finance Coordinator: Chumareoh

Program Designer : Rastra Yasland

Publication Writer : Rosalind Ratana

Community Manager : Siti Hajar

Illustrator/Graphic Designer : Ahmad Syauqi


The SEAYouth Festival 2021 publication was finalized in early April 2022. The contents of which can be used for stakeholders to get an overview of the youth’s perspective on human rights issues and for youths themselves to explore the current human rights situation in the region from the viewpoint of their fellow youth. To ensure that the publication can reach a multiplicity of stakeholders, AYF will be hosting a launch event where it will invite several key resource persons that contributed to the substantive material of the publication and also representatives from ASEAN and AICHR as part of its advocacy strategy. The event will also feature a trailer for the upcoming 2022 SEAYouth Festival.

The Publication which housed the perspectives of youth from a diverse range of constituencies across Southeast Asia on the issues of 

  • Peace, politics, and democracy; 
  • Decent work and unemployment; 
  • Comprehensive sexuality education and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights; 
  • Youth network and organizations; 
  • Freedom of expression and right to information; 
  • Rights of migrants; and
  • The climate emergency.

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