Youth Collective Statement 2020

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June 29-30, 2021: ASEAN Youth Forum attended and push several points (health related and around migrant workers) of the statement to AICHR Forum on The Right to Health and The Rights of Migrant Workers.

April 8, 2021:
ASEAN Youth Forum included recommendations from the Youth Collective Statement into the intervention at the 5th ASEAN-China-UNDP Symposium: Enhancing the Roles of Youth in Achieving the SDGs. Read the intervention.

March 14-26, 2021: ASEAN Youth Forum brought forward the agenda in the statement to APFSD Processes through APFSD Youth Forum, APFSD People's Forum, and APFSD Intergovernmental Fora. Agendas on the issues of youth health and wellbeing and youth unemployment and the values of inclusivity and people-centered approaches in the Youth Collective Statement (2020) are adopted to Asia Pacific Youth Call to Action (2021).

January 12, 2021: ASEAN Youth Forum with FORUM-ASIA has officially submitted Youth Collective Statement (2020) to ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights.

With this submission, we hope to amplify youth’s voices through AICHR, the ASEAN body responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights in ASEAN. Particularly, we hope that this recommendation can be reflected on developing an action plan and to assess the effectiveness of the ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework on COVID-19, especially in the rights that are belonging to youth and youth inclusion.

November 5-7, 2020: AYF and AYF's Special Rapporteur in Vietnam participated and brought forward the agenda in Youth Collective Statement (2020) to ASEAN Civic Society Conference - ASEAN People's Forum ACSC/APF 2020. The output of the mechanism is here.

We, the young people of Southeast Asia, express our grave concern about the spread of the Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) and its adverse effects on people’s well-being and on global socio-economic developments. We are deeply saddened by the loss of life and the suffering caused by the pandemic. We also express our gratitude to medical professionals, healthcare workers, researchers, scientists, and other frontline personnel for their invaluable efforts in response to COVID-19.

Building upon the existing efforts of Individual ASEAN Member States and that of the Southeast Asian Community in response to the pandemic, we further call for  practical rights-based actions that are inclusive and people-centred.

We call upon the ASEAN Governments and Leaders in Southeast Asia to:

  1. Address youth unemployment exacerbated by the pandemic; adopt sufficient safety and health measures to protect all workers from contracting the COVID-19 at the workplace; and implement policies that allow all workers (including migrant workers) to access social security, humanitarian assistance, and emergency relief.
  2. Address educational infrastructure gaps (especially in rural and digitally-disconnected areas) and invest in an inclusive education system for all youth, especially for youth living with disabilities; youth living in poverty; youth in conflict-affected areas; and other marginalised youth.
  3. Reform and repeal rules and regulations which criminalize young people for voicing out their opinions and reporting on the COVID-19 situation. Also, repeal regulations in ASEAN Member States that criminalise and violate the right to freedom of expression, opinion, and the right to information; and to create a safe and enabling environment for people to exercise their rights without fear of reprisal.
  4. Establish an independent ASEAN Inter-governmental body to uphold and protect the rights of people in migration and handle migration issues, including Refugee and Trafficking, with the right-based approach.
  5. Strengthen political commitments to eliminate gender-based violence by enforcing survivor-centred mechanisms as well as imposing strict legal measures against perpetrators and provide gender-sensitive services in response to the increased rates of intimate partner violence during COVID-19.
  6. Provide legal foundations to support the LGBTQI+ community as a vulnerable group and prohibit discrimination and violence against the LGBTQI+ community.
  7. Ensure the mental wellbeing of people in Southeast Asia by investing in online systems that will provide psychiatric care and psychological services virtually, especially in remote communities where access to such services is limited.
  8. Actively engage and include youth in the decision-making processes relating to the development of relevant COVID-19 measures.

We strongly encourage civil societies in Southeast Asia to:

  1. Raise awareness to destigmatize conversations around mental health, gender-based violence, and LGBTQI+ rights, especially in the media, at workplaces and schools.
  2. Increase community-based services for domestic violence, gender-based violence, cyber violence, and violence against marginalised communities, including LGBTQI+, Refugees, and religious minorities.
  3. Demand transparency from the governments on their response to the pandemic, including plans, current and accurate reports, actions taken, and funds raised and disbursed. 
  4. Promote media literacy to tackle and prevent the spread of fake news across the region.

We call Young People in Southeast Asia to:

  1. Engage and participate in public policy processes in Southeast Asia.
  2. Stand in solidarity with pro-democracy, people-centered, gender-sensitive, and rights-based youth movements across Southeast Asia.
  3. Promote intersectional collaborations and remain active in organizing, mobilizing, and shaping spaces to lead; claim youth rights, and foster inclusive, people-centered and gender-sensitive communities in Southeast Asia.

We, the young people of Southeast Asia, believe in human rights, democracy, justice, freedom, and peace. We shall work together to ensure that either during and post COVID-19 community in Southeast Asia is an inclusive,  people-centered, gender-sensitive, and right-based community.

September 2020

Young Southeast Asians

List of Supporting Young Individuals:

  1. Abrar Abdulhamid, The Philippines
  2. Afina, Indonesia
  3. Agatta, Indonesia
  4. Albert C. Lee, The Philippines
  5. Alvian Wardhana, Indonesia
  6. Alynna Carlos, The Philippines
  7. Androhim, Indonesia
  8. Anesya Indah Azhari, Indonesia
  9. Angrlo Garcia, The Philippines
  10. Anis, Malaysia
  11. Ariff Abdullah, Malaysia
  12. Dr. Artbie Samson, The Philippines
  13. Arvinda Maheswari, Indonesia
  14. Astry Nurul Meidina, Indonesia
  15. Aurelita, Indonesia
  16. Aurilia Ika Wulandari, Indonesia
  17. Aye, Myanmar
  18. Ayu, Indonesia
  19. Ayudya, Indonesia
  20. Belinda Azzahra, Indonesia
  21. Brandon Polo Ortiguerra, The Philippines
  22. Brenda Dany, Indonesia
  23. Britney Sarmen, The Philippines
  24. Carl alfred pauner, The Philippines
  25. Carlos Gusmao, Timor Leste
  26. Celestil Bron Bernas, The Philippines
  27. Chu Hui Ong, Malaysia
  28. Chue Myat Noe, Myanmar
  29. Clarisse, The Philippines
  30. Cornelia Callandra, Indonesia
  31. Cornelius Hanung, Indonesia
  32. Dahlia Faisal, Malaysia
  33. Daniel Timothy C. Samson, The Philippines
  34. DEVTANU BOSE, Other
  35. Dexter A. Galban, RN, RBP, MD-MBA, The Philippines
  36. Dhiraj Singh Gill, Malaysia
  37. Dian, Indonesia
  38. Duc Nguyen, Vietnam
  39. Dunne Schuster, The Philippines
  40. DWI MARYATI, Indonesia
  41. Ejalina Marques Cabral, Timor Leste
  42. Embun Sholeh , Indonesia
  43. Fang, Singapore
  44. Febrina, Indonesia
  45. Feliciano de Jesus Goncalves Aleixo, Timor Leste
  46. Ferdianos Roni Dias Soares, Timor Leste
  47. Fithriyyah , Indonesia
  48. Francis Jolbitado, The Philippines
  49. Gantar, Indonesia
  50. Hafidhoh Maulidiyah, Indonesia
  51. Hafidz, Indonesia
  52. Hannah, The Philippines
  53. Hastari, Indonesia
  54. Indira, Indonesia
  55. indra setiawan (indbrut), Indonesia
  56. Irine tessa koeswandini, Indonesia
  57. Jacquelline Valleser, The Philippines
  58. Janaanie, Malaysia
  59. Jasper, The Philippines
  60. Jedidiah Clement B. Sta. Monica, The Philippines
  61. Jen Quico, The Philippines
  62. Jennifer, The Philippines
  63. Jeremy Tan Fok Jun, Malaysia
  64. Jericho Siñel, The Philippines
  65. Joana Cassinerio, Thailand
  66. Joanalyn, The Philippines
  67. John, The Philippines
  68. John P., The Philippines
  69. Jomar Bartolome Buendia, The Philippines
  70. Jose, The Philippines
  71. Joshua Aggabao Hapinat, The Philippines
  72. Jourdane Nicole L. Bulosan, The Philippines
  73. Joyce De Luna, The Philippines
  74. Julia Marie Muyco , The Philippines
  75. Juvenia de Fátima Nunes, Timor Leste
  76. Karen, Indonesia
  77. Keanne Kylle Matillano, The Philippines
  78. Keith, The Philippines
  79. Khun Sint Phoo Wai, Myanmar
  80. Lawrence, The Philippines
  81. Le Thi Thach Thao, Vietnam
  82. Lee Wen Xuan, Malaysia
  83. Lemar C De Guia, The Philippines
  84. Lilitha Govindasamy, Malaysia
  85. Lin Thit Aung(Lloyds), Myanmar
  86. Lintang, Indonesia
  87. Luwel, The Philippines
  88. Mark Jay S. Juanitas, The Philippines
  89. Masako, Indonesia
  90. MATTHEW T. DELA CRUZ, The Philippines
  91. Maulina, Indonesia
  92. Me, Myanmar
  93. Mr. La Min Htum, Myanmar
  94. Muhammad Kenzo Baskoro, Indonesia
  95. Muhammad R, Indonesia
  96. Mutia, Indonesia
  97. Myat S, Myanmar
  98. Myat T, Myanmar
  99. Myat Thin, Myanmar
  100. Myo Myint Aung, Myanmar
  101. Natasha, The Philippines
  102. Nazurah, Brunei Darussalam
  103. Nina O., Indonesia
  104. Noi, The Philippines
  105. Noval Auliady, Indonesia
  106. Nur Aini Indah , Indonesia
  107. Nur Hanie Cayda, The Philippines
  108. Rangga Kaila Priandika, Indonesia
  109. Rahma, Indonesia
  110. Rachel Arinii, Indonesia
  111. Ribka, Indonesia
  112. Ronalyn C. Bustarga, The Philippines
  113. Ruthra Mary Ramachandran, Malaysia
  114. Sabrina , Brunei Darussalam
  115. Safina, Indonesia
  116. Sekarini Wukirasih, Indonesia
  117. Shabrina Fadhilah Warastri, Indonesia
  118. Shania Dias Monteiro , Timor Leste
  119. Sintya, Indonesia
  120. Sit Thway Aung, Myanmar
  121. Siti Humairoh, Indonesia
  122. Siti Jaafar, Brunei Darussalam
  123. Sittie Sarah S. Bangon , The Philippines
  124. syifa aulia, Indonesia
  125. Therese Marie Avanceña, The Philippines
  126. Thet Su, Myanmar
  127. Tsabita, Indonesia
  128. Vincent Chin Ming Fung , Malaysia
  129. Widhi Hanantyo Suryadinata, Indonesia
  130. Wint Cherry Khaing, Myanmar
  131. Yovela, Indonesia
  132. Zohaina M. Pasandalan, The Philippines

And 19 undisclosed young individuals

List of Supporting Organizations and Communities :

  1. Danao City Federation of Pag-Asa Youth Association of the Philippines, The Philippines
  2. FORUM-ASIA, Regional Organization
  3. Helping hand internasional Indonesia , Indonesia
  4. Mahasiswa Peduli Corona, Indonesia
  5. Myanmar Human Rights Alliances Network(MHRAN), Myanmar
  6. One for Nursing Empowerment - Philippines, The Philippines
  7. Perkumpulan Lintas Feminis Jakarta, Indonesia
  8. Pusat Komas, Malaysia
  9. Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente-University of San Carlos Chapter, RID 3860, The Philippines
  10. Rumah Rakyat (MyHouse), Malaysia
  11. Team Gracious Givers, Malaysia
  12. Team Gracious Givers, Malaysia
  13. Think Centre, Singapore
  14. Thirst Project Indonesia, Indonesia
  15. Transparency International Cambodia, Cambodia
  16. Youth Voices Count (YVC), Inc., Regional Organization / Community
  17. YouthWave Malaysia, Malaysia


List of Supporting Individuals:

  1. Ayoh, Indonesia
  2. Joel Mark Barredo, The Philippines
  3. Luz Indah, The Philippines
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