Knowledge and Insights from Youth: Open Space (November 2023)

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On November 12th, 2023, AYF hosted its seventh Youth: Open Space and presented Kyn Mallorca from The Philippines, usually, called “Kyn” or “Goddess”. In the open space, our Goddess, Kyn, shares her trans and kweer leadership, without leaving the importance of herstory and history of the LGBTQIA+ leadership movement. 


Trans and Kweer Leadership

By Kyn Mallorca, The Philippines

In a compelling sharing, Kyn passionately advocates for the centrality of trans and queer voices in all spheres of life, emphasizing the need for allyship and representation. Grounding the discussion in the context of the Southeast Asian region, Kyn highlights the interconnectedness of trans and queer struggles with broader social justice movements, from climate action to human rights advocacy.

The speech delves into the historical roots of trans and queer leadership, drawing inspiration from the pre-colonial Philippines where the "babaylan," encompassing women, trans, and cis individuals, played crucial roles as leaders, warriors, and healers. Kyn underlines the importance of reclaiming this heritage and fostering a sense of pride in trans and queer identities. Kyn pays homage to figures like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, stressing the ongoing leadership and influence of Black, Latina, trans, and queer individuals in movements like the Black Trans Liberation Movement and the Two-Spirit Indigenous Peoples.

With a focus on personal initiatives, Kyn shares their involvement in organizations such as La Candini Advocates Filipinas Incorporated and the Society of Trans Women of the Philippines, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in driving change. Funded activities, including the radical awareness program and inclusive schools movement, showcase Kyn's commitment to creating inclusive spaces and advocating for trans and queer rights.

Kyn concludes by reflecting on their leadership style, characterized by a visionary approach and a commitment to democratic decision-making. Recognizing the significance of communication, Kyn underscores the need for open dialogue and inclusivity within teams.

The sharing session urgeseveryone to stand in solidarity with trans and queer communities for collective liberation. It inspires individuals to appreciate the rich history of trans and queer leadership while actively contributing to the ongoing fight for freedom and inclusivity.

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