#YouthCHERISH Challenge 2021

We extended the deadline!

November 14-26, 2021

on Instagram

SCHOOL oF ADVOCACY FOR YOUTH on human rights in SOutheast ASIA (SAY-HR-SEA)-7

Date start: November 14, 2021

Date finish: November 26, 2021, 8PM (Bangkok, Jakarta Time)

Organized by

ASEAN Youth Forum and The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF) has been bringing youth in Southeast Asia together, and this time, AYF is challenging youth to do digital activism through  challenge. It’s a 5-day challenge of content posting on Instagram which covers a range of activism activities within the issue of Right to a Sustainable, Clean, and Healthy Environment



3 selected winners will get the privilege to attend and play a role in a series of live interviews with Human Rights Experts and Young Activists, and the 3 winners will also receive 100USD (per person).

200 First Challenge Finishers will receive e-certificates.

How to participate?

  1. Make sure you follow usAYF on instagram and RWI on Instagram
  2. Only youth aged 18 to 35 years old are eligible join the challenge and to win the prize, however, if you are below 18 years old, you can still do the challenge for fun.
  3. Make sure your Instagram profile is public and do the challenge accordingly* yet creatively** and finish it before November 26. 2021, 8 PM (GMT+7, Jakarta Bangkok Time)
  4. Post daily for 5 days on your Insta-story. You must only do one challenge per day. We have an "add yours" sticker*** that you can use to join the challenge. You can access it through our Instagram highlight****.
  5. Tag @asean.youth.forum & @rwi_jakarta and use #YouthCHERISH in each post/story
  6. Create a highlight for this challenge, add each post to the highlight
  7. Once finished, please submit the link (of the Instagram Highlight) through this form before the deadline
  8. Final note: your contents might be reposted to our social media (AYF & RWI). We will not use your content outside the context of #YouthCHERISH Challenge


*Read the description of each task

**we do not limit your creativity and expression. you are free to do the challenge prompt in any way you are comfortable with as long as it addresses the challenge properly and accordingly.




How do we decide the winners?

We have selected youths to be part of the judging panel. The panel will be evaluating the first 200 submissions to this submission form. These 200 submissions are eligible to receive an e-certificate of participation. The panel will then choose three winners based on this guiding questions:

  1. Are the contents informative, well-communicated, and well-articulated? 
  2. Do the audiences who have less knowledge on the issues understand the content?
  3. Does the content reflect the challenge and the values of AYF (human rights, justice, freedom, and democracy)?


There are two batches of submission:

First Batch : 14 - 19 November, 2021 (1 Winner)

Second Batch: 20 - 26 November, 2021 (2 Winners)


Please note this is just a description. We encourage your creativity to do the challenge in away that is most comfortable for you.

Day 1: "I demand the leaders to.."

  • Complete the phrase “I demand the leaders to..” by listing down your demands to the leaders (ASEAN Member State or local governments)
  • Share why it’s important for them to listen and fulfill your demands

Day 2: Two News or Facts

  • Share 2 news or facts on Environmental news in your community or country or in Southeast Asia
  • The news could be an environmental disaster, environment-related problems, or “good” news regarding the effort to combat climate change.
  • Comment on the news and provide your perspectives on what we can learn from the news
  • The facts could be statistics, research results, or real life stories about the current situation of the environment (It could be air pollution, clean water, displaced rate etc)

Day 3: Three Instagram Accounts

  • Recommend 3 Instagram accounts to follow
  • the accounts must be offering knowledge on either climate justice, climate change, environment, or any other human rights and environmental issues that would educate people
  • review each accounts on why people should follow the accounts
  • The accounts can be organizations or personal instagram accounts

    Day 4: Activism Tips

    • Share your tips, trick, or advise for youth to do more in their activism on Human Rights and Environment
    • Videos content are preferable where you talk to the camera sharing ways or tips to do activism on the issues of Human Rights and Environment

    Day 5: Snap Your Sign

    • Create a sign / poster that voices out the message about Our Rights to Clean, Sustainable, and Healthy Environment
    • Snap a picture of it, you can be in the picture or you can just snap the sign
    • Inspirations: 

    sources: unsplash. credit goes to the owners of the photographs.

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