Youth Rights Ambassador – Batch III

During the October-December 2022 batch, the following youths were chosen

Naw Dohkalal
Naw Dohkalal
Sopheaktra DIM
Sopheaktra DIM

The following list contains the meetings and events each Ambassador attended and the interventions they raised: 

  • Sopheaktra DIM, Cambodia, Freedom of Expression 
    1. 4-5 November 2022, ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN People’s Forum - Convergence Space: Southeast Asian People’s Alternative Regionalism
      • Questioned how in starting to address human rights violations whether a top down or a bottom up approach is more appropriate
    2. 19 November 2022, 21st Law Talk on “Regulating Cybersecurity in the age of digital economy: Law, Application, Challenges and Good Practices organized by Konrad Adenauer Foundation in partnership with National University of Management and Royal University of Law and Economics.  
      • Questioned the occurrence of human rights violations caused by Cybersecurity Law in Cambodia and the horizontal and vertical practices in Cybersecurity Law 
    3. 19 December 2022, Conversation with AICHR Representatives 
      • Questioned why there seems to be fear amongst Thai people on conducting discussions on human rights to the point where the term “human rights” is referred to as “Environment, Social and Good Governance” 
      • Questioned the impact of the recently passed Indonesian Criminal Code which has multiple controversial articles especially based on human rights perspectives and what actions will AICHR take to address its impact 


  • Naw Dohkalal, Myanmar, The Right to Participate in Political and Public life 
  1. 3-5 November 2022, ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN People’s Forum - Convergence space Defending Civic Space from militarism & authoritarianism: 
    • Raised a need for deeper understanding of the intersections such as gender, ethnicity and identity in peace-building and democratization. 
    • Shared the fact that the UN and INGOs are sitting on the fence knowing that they need to stand for justice and peace in Myanmar.
    • Criticized the likelihood of engagements between ethnic armed groups in meaningful peace negotiations while a Tatmadaw-backed administration is in power. 
    • Questioned the types of action that can be taken by the UN and global policy makers for Myanmar civilians.

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