Mini Fund for Youth 2022

Project Officer - Khant Khant Zar Nyi
Project Officer - Khant Khant Zar Nyi

Khant earned a Master's Degree in Social Science (Development Studies) from Chiang Mai University in 2022. She has been conducting studies on labor rights issues, notably the rights of female workers, as a labor rights researcher in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone. She is an active member of several youth-led groups both locally and globally as a young activist. She is also one of the Regional Executive Body (REB) in AYF. She has actively participated in most of the AYF activities and also co-hosted Youth: Open Space 15 & 16 in 2021. She also enjoys drawing sketches and listening to podcasts in her spare time. Her artwork features in Doh Zat, a storytelling organization that tells the story of women and other marginalized groups about their oppressions and experiences.

ASEAN Youth Forum’s Mini Fund for Youth 2022 is to support rights-based youth-led activism and movements at the national/local level across Southeast Asia in the pandemic recovery context. We increase the capacity of youth on human rights and support initiatives that respond to these umbrella issues this year:

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This year, we support three human rights-based projects which are led by 18-35 years old young people who are based in Southeast Asia countries.

Lingkar Studi Feminis, Banten, Indonesia


Kelas Advokasi


Lingkar Studi Feminis (LSF) was founded on July 7th, 2019, and domiciled in Banten, Indonesia. LSF worked with grassroots women and young students with the vision of realizing a democratic order based on the principles of justice, creating inclusiveness and intersectionality according to the values of Feminism. They have successfully implemented the Public Policy Advocacy Class on the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence for three days long. During the class, they had fruitful discussions about Structural Legal Aid, Human Rights, Understanding and Analyzing Public Policy, Feminist Legal Theory, Handling Violence Against Women Both in Criminal and Civil Litigation, and Legal Research: Policy Brief as A Part of Policy Advocacy.

LSF's team succeeded in providing the advocacy sessions to 26 participants by collaborating with the amazing speakers. This class also has encouraged the participants who come from various backgrounds to spread more and reach even wider to people in their community about the ideas of the ideal justice.


Síkat-Baler, the Philippines


Preparation Before the Activity


Síkat-Baler is a non-profit, youth-led, and volunteer-based organization in Baler, Auora, Philippines. It was formally established on August 12, 2021, during international youth day. 

The team initiated the project And Bantang Kali Program (Young Steward of Nature Program) which was a 3-day summer learning camp, life skills program, and a series of interactive, fun, and engaging workshops aimed at helping youth ages 10-17 grow into protectors and stewards of nature. Although they primarily aimed to provide workshops for youth aged between 10-17, there were 3-7-year-old kids who participated in their program. The team successfully managed by delegating responsibilities such as conducting storytelling sessions with the kids. 

The young leaders worked really well with their partner community and encouraged the youth participants to turn their plastic waste into something useful - a mini eco brick chair.


Queer Freedom of Expression/GEM Peer, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Article Writing Workshop


Queer Freedom of Expression 101 is an assessment and awareness initiative that aims to engage LGBTIQ youth in freedom of expression and civic participation. The project is technically organized by an LGBTQ+ youth-led group named GEM Peer and gave an article writing workshop to LGBTQ+ youths. The team conducted 7 KII (key informant interviews) and 7 FGDs (focused group discussions). They tried to meet 21 LGBTIQ+ people: including 3 bisexuals, 6 gays, 7 lesbians, 2 queers, 1 transgender man, and 2 transgender women. During the article writing workshop, 10 LGBTIQ youths participated. Throughout their project implementation, the team member asked for the consent of the participants and carefully kept the participants’ confidentiality. In the end, they could create safe and sound relationships with the participants and publish 10 short story articles which are expressing the participants’ concern, need, or any social issues. This project is one of their successful steps to be strong support for the LGBTQ+ community in Cambodia and they are ready to take more steps to voice out and engage with more partners and organizations. In addition, they continue working on an ongoing publication project “Finding Ourselves 101” which writes a story of the LGBTIQ+ individuals’ quest.

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