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[Workshop] Program / Project Design

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December 19th, 2020

Resource person: Retha Dungga (Indonesia, Indonesia Art Coalition)

Youth in Southeast Asia tend to be restless in moving forward and creating an impact for their communities even in pandemic outbreak. While program design is an essential primary step towards desired successful outcome and impact, not so many young people have the access to knowledge and workshop of program design. The session aims to facilitate participants understand the steps of starting and developing a project and comprehend the logical framework or/and the story of change for designing a program.

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[Talk] ARTivism & Youth

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November 29th, 2020 | Partnered with Artdialogo Asia & SAKA

Resource person: Rastra Yasland (Indonesia), Karina Jardin (Malaysia, Artdialogo Asia), Alyana Cabral (The Philippines, SAKA- Artist Alliance for Genuine Land Reform and Rural Development), & Yap Kah Yee (Malaysia, AYF Special Rapporteur)

An art-based approach can be an alternative to voice out social issues, youth issues and any other activism because art has creative power to move us emotionally. It can help us to stimulate empathy, a necessary factor to achieve social solidarity. Youth will examine the use of visual arts, as a tool for understanding how societies process, critically reflect upon, and advocate for human rights issues directly impacting them.

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[Workshop] Digital Security

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November 22nd, 2020

Resource person: Dhyta Caturani (Indonesia, Feminist Activist)

It is significant to address emerging issues in the vast moving technology-based development era, one of which is digital security. The narrative “youth are digital natives” doesn’t address the diversity of youth sub-population and it does ignore the fact that youth are still unaware of how they can be targeted for cyber security issues. It is also important to capacitate youth with digital security knowledge and skills through workshops / training.

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[Talk] Girls and Women Experience Harassment Online

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October 26th, 2020 | Partnered with Plan International Asia Pacific

Resource person: Reylynne Dela Paz (Plan International Asia Pacific)

In the Yangon Declaration (2014), we are pursuing and encouraging meaningful participation of marginalized groups, including girls and young women. By now, people’s participation has been facilitated through online means, one of which is social media. Plan International conducted a global research talking to 14.00 girls and young women on Freedom Online. While online spaces can facilitate important and significant exchanges and conversations, it also makes possible cyber threats that majorly impacts young women and girls.

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[Press Conference] SEA's Youth Collective Statement Launching

Press Conference- 15 Sept 2020

September 15th, 2020

Resource person: H.E. Yuyun Wahyuningrum (Indonesia Rep. to AICHR), Fatimah Zahrah (ASEAN Youth Forum), & Cornelius Hanung (FORUM-ASIA)

At the Press Conference, Youth in Southeast Asia release and read their collective statement consisting of demands and recommendations to ASEAN Governments, Leaders, Civil Society, and Youth in Southeast Asia. The statement has been through consultative sessions to accommodate youth voices and concerns at the SEAYouth Festival (Aug 14-16, 2020). The statement addresses the issues of human rights, democracy, freedom, peace, and justice in Southeast Asia. Panelists focus on issues around the state of democracy and youth roles in safeguarding human rights.

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[Online Forum] Youth-Driven and Equal Future

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May 19th, 2020 | Partenered with ASEAN SOGIE Caucus

Resource person: Mandy (Singapore) & Fatimah Zahrah (Indonesia)

We live a life where hatred is normalized by our society, especially hate on the basis of sexuality and gender identities. Southeast Asia is the region where diverse sexual orientation and gender identities are stigmatized as western culture. This stigma is perpetuated by the government, law enforcement and religious institutions. Stigma that lead people to hate other, to discriminate and persecute people in diverse sexual orientation and gender identities; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex persons.

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