School of Advocacy for Youth on Human Rights in Southeast Asia Module

Welcome to the module of Human Rights, Advocacy, and Activism Training developed by the School of Advocacy for Youth on Human Rights in Southeast Asia (SAY-HR-SEA).

The creation of this module is rooted in SAY-HR-SEA's two-year experience in conducting advocacy classes and workshops. The school emerged since 2021 bridging youth advocates to duty bearers while enhancing their advocacy skills. We have distilled our knowledge and expertise into a comprehensive capacity-building module that aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of youth in human rights advocacy across Southeast Asia and ASEAN.

We would like to acknowledge that while SAY-HR-SEA has been the main foundation for this module, we have drawn inspiration from various institutions, including UN agencies, Forum ASIA, ASEAN Foundation, and others. Their existing modules on human rights, advocacy, and ASEAN mechanism have served as valuable references during our development process.

The objective of this activity is to provide participants with a better understanding of human rights, the importance of advocacy, and the necessary skills to engage in advocacy campaigns in Southeast Asia / ASEAN. the publication of this module is one way for ASEAN Youth Forum to facilitate and to contribute to the empowerment of youth in our region.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the module developers, Yona and Caleb, for their dedication and hard work in bringing this module to life. We also extend our appreciation to Nova, the layout designer, for their creative contribution. Without their tireless efforts, this module would not have been possible. We would also like to convey our endless appreciation to Plan International Asia & Pacific and AICHR Indonesia who have been with us to carry out the school since 2021.

Our aspiration is that this module will reach a wider audience and be utilized by the greater public, enabling its implementation in various communities dedicated to youth empowerment through advocacy and activism skills.

At ASEAN Youth Forum, we encourage all youth to continually develop and hone their skills for the advancement of human rights in our region. Through collective efforts and a commitment to advocacy, we can make a lasting impact on the promotion and protection of human rights.

In solidarity, always

Rastra Yasland
Regional Programme Manager
ASEAN Youth Forum

SAY-HR-SEA Module-01

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