Open for Submission: Yuwana Zine

ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF) aims to accommodate the voices of young Southeast Asians. AYF believes that youth in the region has multiple life perspectives that can be expressed through creative processes and are worth-amplified further.

Therefore, AYF Secretariat is opening a submission for creative entries (visual, photographs, illustrations, poems, prose, writings, watercolor arts, basically anything) that would be bound into one zine that we will publish online, called YUWANA. Yuwana is derived from Sanskrit word yauvana meaning youth. It stands for young, uniting, witty, accessible, and non-discriminating activism.   We hope through this zine-making process, we could build solidarity among youth in the region.

Yuwana: A Zine

Download Issue #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 Here

Open submission until Friday, November 15, 2021, through here

Issue #6 of Yuwana will be published during International Human Rights Day on December 10th, 2021

Theme / Prompt: Creative & Disruptive Resistance (read theme statement by the curator below)


Elvin is a Queer Interdisciplinary Visual Artist based in Caloocan, Philippines, who is currently working with non-government organizations, youth groups, and artist collectives promoting art as an integral part of social change. For the past years, he has been doing projects involving Indigenous weaving community, Urban poor community, and LGBTQIA+ Online wellness community. He also worked as an Art Director for a Media and Entertainment Network, Production Designer for Short Films, and a contributing artist for Yuwana Zine #4. 

You can find his works on instgram: @elviinjay, can’t forget to mention that he’s also a BTS ARMY <3

Theme Statement:

We are passing through a period of rapid change, which affects social structures, political organizations and the economy. The reaffirmation of our rights is more necessary in the fight against oppression in civil society and the political oppression of colonialism, and subsequently for the establishment or restoration of democracy. Now more than ever, in our pandemic-stricken world, we are at our utmost creative phase, brought by both new forms of development & technologies and our own state powers silencing our artistic expressions.

It has now come for artists and activists to find and forge new ways of resistance that will help the public to understand and advocate for human rights as the foundation of a fairer and more just society. a new kind of resistance that is adaptive to the needs of times, one that is substantial & clever, and one that is clear, easy to embrace and own. a resistance built on the disruption of old messages and a resistance bannering a challenge to the messenger on what lens should resistance be looked at and rooted from, that while it enjoys the abstraction of creative freedom, it should also deliver an informed and sincere narrative or how to marry both ways for a more impactful message.

This Human Rights Day, may we not let our anxieties and fears from state repressions might continue towards becoming permanent features of the next generations futures. In all ways, in all forms, everywhere and all the time, we welcome creations built from love and respect. We welcome the most modest to wildest manifestations of resistance.  Towards better humans and humanity, we are calling the youth to go beyond just the right to express, and claim the right to create, disrupt, and resist!

We accept creative works from any individuals who

  1. are between 15-35 years old
  2. are a national of / living in Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand, Timor Leste, Vietnam, and other territories within Southeast Asia. 
  3. believe in the values of human rights, justice, democracy, and freedom (read The Yangon Declaration)



Page dimension is 210mm x 148mm (A5, Portrait)

Art must correspond to the theme of "Expressing Remembrance" (see statement above)

One individual can submit any creative works (visual, photographs, illustrations, poems, prose, comic, meme, writings, watercolor arts, basically anything), in their native languages or English.

One submission must not be longer than 2-page space.

note: racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, ableist, or other works targeting specific groups of people will not be accepted. As we appreciate and respect artistic freedom, we don't tolerate any bigotry, hate, violence and discrimination in our community.

Before we publish, we will ask your consent and we will be finalizing the placement and set-up of your work in our final lay-out as we will also have some discussion over security concerns.

How to submit:

Fill out and upload your work through this form no later than November 15th, 2021

you can address any question to

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