Telephone and Important Contacts

Telephone numbers in Indonesia have different systems for landlines and mobile phones: landlines use area codes, while mobile phones do not. For landline area codes, the digit “0” is added in front when dialing domestic long distance from within Indonesia, but is always omitted when calling from abroad. Instead, callers would use the Indonesian country code +62, followed by the area code, without the “0”. To make a phone call to Indonesia from abroad via landlines, callers dial +62, followed by the area code and subscriber’s number, omitting the ‘0’. For calls to mobile wireless phone from abroad, callers dial +62, followed by the subscriber’s number, omitting the ‘0’.

Emergency Numbers:

Police/General Emergencies: 110 or 112 (From Satellite and Mobile Phones)

Ambulance and Medical Emergencies: 118 or 119

Firefighter: 113

Search and Rescue (BASARNAS): 115

Natural Disaster Assistance: 129

Useful Numbers:

International Phone Number Information: 102

Local Phone Number Information: 108

Domestic Call Operator: 100 and 106

International Call Operators: 101 and 107