Youth: Open Space #1 : How are Youth in Southeast Asia Taking Actions during The COVID-19 Pandemic

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In times of the coronavirus pandemic, where mobility and activity are being restricted, youth in Southeast Asia remains restless and keep taking actions.

On The 10th of May (Sunday), ASEAN Youth Forum called on the youth in Southeast Asia to come together and discuss how youth are taking action in the region. Over 70 youth in Southeast Asia attended the session. The participating youth are coming from 8 countries, which are Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Timor Leste,  and Vietnam.

It was an entirely youth-led discussion, co-hosted by Zoe from Vietnam, Pirun from Cambodia, and Ruthra from Malaysia.

They conduct charities. They raise funds for vulnerable groups of people. They fight misinformations. They make the most of the ‘quarantine’ time  by contributing to the community.

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Here are some highlights from the session

Educate people on how to protect themselves (for example: washing their hands), give some tips for children who are studying from home.

Quynh (Vietnam)

I am working part-time as the think tank, our project is basically something to promote the qualitative outlook and outcomes, so we write articles on talking about what’s next after the crisis so we can be more optimistic regarding this issue so people not depressed about what’s gonna happened after. 

Amir Harith (Malaysia)

We have this youth challenge and engage many youth to do this challenges. Workshops about self reflection and self skills for us to reflect ourselves more. We also have famous washing hands on Tiktok to spread information. 

Zoe (Vietnam)

I and my friend have been sharing at a free webinar on robotic and programming.

Defa (Indonesia)

What me and my friend did: charity program utilizing social media for drivers and other people. We also develop account where we can improve our skills that we have never had a time during the school period.

Rara (Indonesia)

Our campus have this instatory challenge to do the donation by doing physical activity like daily work out. More exercise, more donation.

Cesaltino (Timor Leste)

Many youth movement contribute by distributed hygiene kit to the children as well to the girls members in the area. Also collaborate with government to protect the children during the emergency era. 

Livania (Timor Leste)

Make donations for the fisherman

Lai (The Philippines)

I'm involving at the "kejar Mimpi Jakarta" project. In this project, they make charity, a webinar about the importance of mental health to overcome feeling bored stay at home during the pandemic.

Ningrum (Indonesia)

During this pandemic, we need some entertainment, so I found a platform to create a fictional stories for people to read at home. 

Herald (Indonesia)

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