Youth: Open Space #10 : Transnational Solidarity

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Transnational solidarity is much needed in times of crisis. In the past twelve months, the region see youth-led solidarity rising both offline and online, namely #JunkTerrorLaw #WhatshappeninginThailand #TyphoonGoni and recently and currently #WhatshappeninginMyanmar including #MilkTeaAlliance. Transnational activism and solidarity is important for international pressure that can influence dynamic to certain crisis, even within one country.

In this Open Space, AYF is providing a platform for youth to to share their views and experience regarding Transnational Solidarity  in Southeast Asia. On the 21st of March (Sunday), over 60 youth in Southeast Asia attended the session. The participating youth are coming from 7 countries, which are Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, and Timor Leste.

It was an entirely youth-led discussion, co-hosted by Ella from Timor Leste and Lars from Lao PDR.

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Here are some highlights from the session

Transnational solidarity is needed to show them that you’re not alone. If we cannot fight, the easiest way to support them is to share information in social media platforms, about the situation and what is happening. Support their mental health so they still have the willpower to fight. 

Rania, Indonesia

Some effective and possible ways for youth to do and organize transnational solidarity is through online campaigns, solidarity statements, storytelling, and other social media advocacy tools.

Peeosamnang, Cambodia

As youth, we may not have the link to influence many people at once but we have powerful tools such as social media. By fighting for human rights and justice, we fight for our future. As youth, we have to really fight for it because if we don’t fight now, democracy will lose.

Elleanora, Timor Leste

Other countries have experienced crises before and even now. However, we were able to surpass or survive the crisis because of support from other countries. Because we learn from mistakes in the past, we are able to control the threat of repeating the same crisis. The leverage is to do some research on what other countries have experienced before. 

Nix, Phillipines

The problem of a performativity activist is that ‘it hopes that someone else will act on it, but if it’s not us who else?’ it’s important to spread the message of what’s happening to educate other people across Asian nations on the essence of the issue.

Laurenze, Philippines

For me personally, the important thing to do to support Myanmar is speak to my friends of what’s happening in Myanmar. Solidarity is the perfection action with love and to protest with a clear goal is a tool for reducing inequality and social injustice in the world, especially to the young generation. In solidarity with Myanmar from Timor-Leste

Ricardo, Timor-Leste

It is important to raise awareness through digital platforms and educate others around you to be aware of issues around you.

Albert, Philippines

I think online activism is very important during this time of pandemic where we can’t mobilize people physically, so we need to mobilize ideas, hope and dreams, information through social media.  Online activism is useful to together lots of voices but we have to know how to maintain this momentum. 

Gaby, Indonesia

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