Youth: Open Space #7 : Youth, Technology, and Digital Security

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Digital space has been one of the most important parts of the daily life of youth in this digital era.  As much as technology and digital space are beneficial for young people, it’s also important to acknowledge its threats to stay safe online.

On the 8th of November (Sunday), ASEAN Youth Forum conducted the seventh Youth: Open Space for youth to discuss Technology, Youth, and Digital Security through youth-perspective. Over 30 youth in Southeast Asia attended the session. The participating youth are coming from 8 countries, which are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, and Timor Leste.

It was an entirely youth-led discussion, co-hosted by Lars from Lao PDR, Syabilla from Indonesia, Aidden from Timor Leste and Satya from Indonesia.

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Here are some highlights from the session

In my points of view about industries 4.0 right now about data privacy. Sometimes it can be hacked when we join the event, WAG, telegram, and there is an anonymous person that we don't know and they like to ask us or introduce themselves, and thats ok. But sometimes it is just beyond the limit and makes me uncomfortable.

Arfiana, Indonesia

I think sometime people don't think cyberbullying is not important as physical bullying. Because people tend to think that if you don't see the physical that doesn’t hurt much until recently we consider our mental health is so important as important our physical health and we can not ignore it. Also, I tend to hear how people say "Data is money" but it's scary to think that our data by extension our livelihood are exploited for the sake of capitalistic reasons

Wardah, Malaysia

So, regarding about scamming or receiving those common messages from other people. When you get it, you can track your follower, maybe like this catchy website, sell your data to their company or people. Plausible search the website when you sign out. And also regarding about Facebook, this is concerning, sometime when people upload picture of you, you get notification right. You’re maybe in this photo. So I receive notification from anon user no mutual friend. I checked the picture, in the background, there is me in the picture, I was shocked, because I don’t know the user and how Facebook recognizes and knows the face? I was so amuse, but also really scares.

Aisyah, Brunei Darussalam

So when I was in the high school, in 12 grades, the moment I have the Facebook, I don’t know even someone hacked my Facebook, they posted I am sorry, porn picture into my Facebook page. And even they bullying me using my picture and say like I’m ugly and I feel like its bullying. In that moment even I don’t know that someone hacked my Facebook. My friends chat to me on Whatsapp, and they say that why you posted picture like this on your Facebook. How I can do that? I thought to my father and they go to seek intelligent in my country that helped us about the digital security, at the moment, they can’t find who has hacked my Facebook. I asked to apply in international, it’s group that help the girls to free about online. At that moment, I have joined it and help other girls how can they save in a social media by stop the harassment, and that’s all.

Ejalina, Timor Leste

Sometime I got messages. By this number, and the digit number, you should get money like gambling. And then, sometimes, I don’t know the group, but they include me in the group of telegram, in the grup of the direct message in the Twitter, the content is the same, I mean we are, or youth are, we aware enough about this scam.

Anis, Malaysia

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