Knowledge and Insights from Youth: Open Space (May 2023)

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On May 14, 2023, AYF hosted its second Youth: Open Space, this time AYF has its network from Cambodia, Sopheaktra DIM, usually called “DIM”. In a recent presentation by DIM, the theme of "Letting Go of Doing It Right" took center stage. With a focus on motivating and inspiring others, DIM shared his personal experiences and journey toward self-discovery. We were also expecting the presence of Allison from Myanmar, however, a tropical cyclone hit the land of Myanmar causing internet disruption and emergency alerts in several provinces.


Let Go of Do It Right

By Sopheaktra DIM (Cambodia)

DIM began his talk by recounting his early post-secondary education experiences in Cambodia. Like many students, he felt lost and uncertain about his path. Initially, he chose a major that was not aligned with his interests and strengths, leaving him feeling unfulfilled. However, through introspection and the pursuit of opportunities, DIM discovered his passion for international business. He emphasized the importance of following one's true calling and not succumbing to external pressures or expectations.

The journey towards self-discovery is rarely straightforward, as DIM experienced firsthand. He recounted his decision to apply for scholarships to study abroad, only to face numerous rejections. However, it was his determination and refusal to give up that eventually led him to a life-changing opportunity to study. DIM's story serves as a reminder that setbacks should not deter individuals from pursuing their dreams. Instead, they should be seen as stepping stones toward personal growth and resilience.

During his presentation, DIM shared a symbol he received from a Burmese friend, representing strength and resilience. The symbol, a gift that stands upright regardless of the pressure applied to it, became a source of inspiration for DIM. It served as a reminder that no matter how challenging life becomes, individuals must rise above their circumstances and persevere. This powerful metaphor resonated with DIM's own experiences and the challenges faced by the people of Myanmar.

DIM expressed a strong desire to motivate and uplift the youth of Myanmar, who face political turmoil and natural disasters. He recognized the hardships they endure and offered words of encouragement. His message emphasized the importance of never giving up, even when faced with overwhelming obstacles. DIM believes that by standing alongside the people of Myanmar and lending a listening ear, a collective spirit of hope and resilience can be nurtured.

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